What can I offer you?

From 360º Virtual Reality Photos and Videos to Full-Featured Websites and Mobile Applications, I have a lot to offer in regards to high-tech services and products!

360° VR

I can provide 360° Virtual Reality Photos, Videos & Tours for your personal and business media requirements.

Web Development

From simple single-page personal profiles to full-featured e-Commerce websites, I can make it happen for LE$$!

Mobile Application Development

With many years of programming and application design experience I specialize in advanced Android applications and related technologies.

Hi! My name’s Bill.

“Let’s skip the formal introduction and get right to the details…”

If you were to ask me to describe myself in a nutshell, I would probably say: “I’m a beach-going, techie, nerd, geek, mechanically-inclined motor-head, that loves his family, computers and software, Star Wars, Star trek (original series), the Alien series (and Sci-Fi in general), PC and Console Gaming, and attending local Comic and Terror Conventions with my nerdy family. I love Retro Futuristic art and media from the 60’s and 70’s, and I liked watching old Godzilla movies as a kid. I am a car enthusiast as much as I am a computer nerd and I know my way around my vehicles as much as I know my way around my computers. I take pride in trying to be the best possible role-model for my daughters and I will do anything for my family and loved ones to ensure their safety, comfort and happiness. I work hard, fix my own vehicles, and want nothing but the best for both my family and for people in general. My ultimate goal and purpose in life is to contribute to mankind in some useful and positive way that would move the human race forward, even if just by a step.

Award-Winning Photography, Graphic and Web Design, Mobile Application Development

I have extensive experience in both Digital and Printed Media for Corporate and Small Business.  I have many years of experience (Senior-level) in web design (including front-end user interface and back-end database integration) since 1994, and application development (multiple platforms) since the early 80’s.

I have developed brand and corporate identities, trademarks, complete web sites, print and video advertisements, trade show exhibits, mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm WebOS, and have experience with research and development of high-tech Assistive Technology products for people with disabilities.  I have developed various Websites and Android apps for clients such as comedian Michael Petit and The Racing School, among others.

I have produced various Android apps of my own, mostly being PoC (Proof of Concept) projects that proved to have immense potential, especially my controversial “MuSeek” MP3-downloader app. (This blog article may sensationalize its title a little, but the article describes the story of MuSeek’s demise very well.)
I have contributed to the development of various technologies such as desktop and portable computer-based scanning and reading systems for the vision-impaired as well as advanced mobile technologies and devices that enable the vision-impaired the convenience of phone calls, texting, and emails, using the latest technology in mobile devices and integrated peripherals.

I have experience in the design, production and set-up/break-down of corporate trade-show displays, from small tabletop scrolling banners to large-scale booths with integrated lights, LCD displays and lighted panels. From designing the displays and banners on my workstation, to actually installing a completed full-scale booth, on-location, I know the process from start to finish.

I also have experience in high-demand medical billing and scheduling software, including CPT Codes (ICD-9, ICD-10, etc), and I have experience in both installation of the hardware and software as well as training staff and doctors on using the software.  In addition to installation and training, I have also helped the medical offices in readjusting their operations to accommodate the new software and associated work flow.

I strive to continually learn new things and touch up on my existing skills, and I am not afraid to approach difficult tasks because I view those as “learning experiences”.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

“My career always demands that I think outside of the box and push the envelope to help set the pace for the industry, and I enjoy the challenges that come with that!”

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Phone: +1 401.388.0632